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  • WIFI boosters

Are you having trouble getting a strong, solid WIFI signal in your home or office?

Welcome to WIFI Ireland where we offer a range of WIFI products including WIFI signal boosters, WIFI dongles and wireless routers. Our WIFI boosters allow you to essentially double the range of your WIFI network reaching the black spots that you may have in your home or office because of distance or obstacles such as stairs, garden patios or  thick walls. They work by receiving your existing WIFI network, boosting the signal and transmitting it to give you greater coverage area. Essentially a wireless signal booster bridges the gap between a router and the connected device such as a phone, laptop or tablet. This gap can exist because of distance between the router and the end device such as in a home or large office or because of obstacles such as a thick brick wall that can weaken the signal.

A WIFI signal booster can also be called  WIFI repeaters, WIFI extenders, WIFI boosters and internet boosters. Our range extenders are affordable and offer up to 750mbps speed. Our WIFI boosters work by plugging directly into your wall socket so they are low profile, easy to use and don’t take up much space. Don’t be fooled by all this tech talk however, all you need to do is plug the wireless booster into the wall and connted your device to it! A WIFI booster essentially creates another network which is secure like your original WIFI router (WEP, WPA2 etc) and your device will automatically connect to whichever network is in range.

What is the difference between a single and double band WIFI Repeater?

The difference between a single and dual band repeater is that the dual band of course uses two different signals 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. A single band booster can only pick up the 2.4Ghz signal. The benefit of a dual band booster is that the 5ghz can help massively in congested areas as there is almost no interference on the 5Ghz which can increase speeds significantly.